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Your customers have gone mobile. You should too…We can help take your business on mobile.

Smartphone App Development and Mobile Website Designer

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As your consumers become increasingly dependent on their mobile devices to visit websites, work, play games etc. you should become aware of the importance of mobile platform for your business.

We see ‘a mobile in every hand’ as an opportunity to reach our clients’ target market. Through our mobile website development and smartphone application development we improve your company’s business in multifarious way such as:

  • Impressing & monetizing a wealthier target market segment (smartphone owners).

  • Increasing productivity with mobile apps.

  • Enhancing online visibility with mobile websites.

Mobile Application Development

99MediaLab’s mobile application developers are well versed with the latest smartphone application development technologies. Innovative and experienced, we complement our technical skills with creativity to develop incredible mobile apps. Our mobile web development delivers apps for all mobile major platforms – iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

  • Productivity Apps

  • Games

  • Entertainment Apps

  • Utilities

  • Lifestyle Apps

Mobile Website Development

You need the work of an accomplished mobile website developer to make your company web site available in all its glory on mobile web. If you don’t have a website built for mobile devices, you are restricting your web presence. For a rapidly expanding group of people and your potential customers, the web is what their mobile devices show them.

Our mobile website designers’ hard and smart work means that your customers can visit and use your website with ease on their smartphones and tablets. The mobile platform is a great place to communicate your brilliance and with our mobile web development and smartphone application development, you can do that brilliantly.