Conversion Optimization

From Terrific Traffic to Superb Sales

Traffic is crucial for your website. But it is only the initial stage. You need to convert visitors into sales. A website that gets traffic but isn’t great at converting it cannot be called a successful website. We help your website convince visitors to take the desired action so you can monetize your website to the fullest.

We have significantly increased the percentage of visitors that become customers for every client.

How do we do it?

Traffic Analysis

First we analyze the website traffic. Our analysts observe what kinds of visitors are visiting which pages and then their behavior after arriving on the page. This helps us identify problems. For instance, if visitors land on your home page regardless of which specific service they are searching for, this should be rectified. And we do that by creating a separate landing page for each product or service offered through the site. This will mean that your website immediately provides the users what they are looking for.

Landing Page Optimization

If you have separate landing pages and they don’t seem to be converting well enough, we optimize them. As we have already determined the main message of the website and every service/product featured on it, we then make sure that this message is communicated as clearly as possible through the landing page.

Optimize Call-to-Actions

Too many call-to-actions can dilute the persuasive potential. So we revise the number of call-to-actions for maximum effect. We also revamp the landing page copy to make it more relevant, enticing and effective.

Other adjustments include:

  • Removing visual distractions on the web pages
  • Minimizing requests for information (leaving only necessary ones)
  • Adding trust building elements e.g. off-site reviews and replacing stock images with original photography