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The Reason(s) Most Websites Don’t Succeed

The reasons that most websites fail could fill several volumes. Creating a website is a sophisticated task, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong during the process. For instances, failure to answer some crucial questions properly can result in an abysmal website. Such questions include “What is the mindset of the visitor?” and “What is the ultimate goal of your website?”

How well a web design and development agency is able to answer these questions will determine how successful their website is. Failure to ask these (and other) questions or not finding the right answers will most certainly result in a website that fails to achieve its objectives. This wastes precious time and money, and even endangers the website owners’ business.

In addition to these questions, there are scores of things that stand in the way of building a successful website. Here are some of them:

Not Providing Reliability to the Visitors

Visitors need to trust a website, period. If a website is unable to communicate a sense of trust, it will not be able to attract and hold the attention of visitors, let alone convert them. A website is basically a front for a business. And the website should communicate that the visitors are dealing with a reputable and honest business. This can be done, but isn’t by most websites, by implementing a professional & relevant design, using original photography rather than stock images and presenting unbiased reviews from other sources. All these contribute to a sort of ‘validation’ of your website & business’ reliability. Most websites lack these elements and hence fail on multiple levels.

Gap between Expectations and Value

OK, so you have a website that builds trust and attracts visitors. The next step is to deliver what you promised through the site. Many websites that are able to communicate a sense of reliability, fail in this next crucial step. Why? Because they create unrealistic expectations for the user through the website that cannot be delivered through the services/products offered by the site. Or the initial message conveyed by the home/landing page is not the same as the other pages that the visitor will next visit.

Cutting Corners during Design & Development

It happens quite a lot. Most web designers and developers take shortcuts, a habit that always affects the quality of the website. From slow load times to broken links, the implications are numerous, diverse and ultimately result in a poor website. With our Virginia based web UI team and our India based web development team we can ensure that your project completes on time and budget.

Case Studies: Just a few of our website design and development projects:

Sweet Sleep Case Study

Sweet Sleep Associates Case Study – Web Design and Development

Sweet Sleep Associates have been providing their services to those people who suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), which is a common disorder in which the patient stops breathing while they are asleep. Sweet Sleep Associates have been responsible for offering comprehensive treatments to those who suffer from the disorder, successfully diagnosing, treating and evaluating thousands of patients in Shirley, New York and its surrounding areas.

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Case Study on Smart Solutions Dental Implants Web Design

Smart Solutions Dental Implants Case Study – Web Design and Development

Smart Solutions Dental Implants has been providing unparalleled dental services since 2013 to countless people who have benefited from their skills, expertise and state-of-the-art dental equipment. By providing a full range of high standard private, cosmetic and specialist dental treatments, and a relaxing environment to their patients, Smart Solutions Dental Implants has been able to provide the quality which others simply lacked. When approached, we were asked to build for them an aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, an interactive website for their business; we couldn’t refuse.

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Immigration Law Firm Case Study

Immigration Law Firm Website Design – Case Study

Missouri Immigration is a professional law firm that provides complete guidance and support for individuals searching for answers related to immigration requirement and paperwork. Whether you want to know the requirements for a student visa or want personal and confidential consultation about immigration, the experienced immigration attorneys at Missouri Immigration will be able to help you out.

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Case Study on Education Institution Website Design

Education Institution Website Design Case Study

Renert Programs is one of the leading student guidance centers based in Calgary, Canada. Since 1992, Renert Programs offers academic services to students across Western Canada and specializes in academic test preparation for LSAT, GMAT, MCAT and diploma examination reviews. The center also offers tutorials for various math and science courses. The Renert School, an exceptional academy with state of the art teaching methodologies and an advanced curriculum, was also launched in fall 2013.

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